Located on the Sunshine Coast we offer the best ice cream a stones throw from the Salish Sea.

Within a short walk to the ocean front, you can find our shop serving up a variety of flavours all day. Don’t forget we sell ice cream for your pup too!

Our Story

How does one stumble toward serving a community, having fun, and making a living all at the same time?  In our case, by a series of “happy accidents” and with a fair bit of honest intent.

With strong personal values such as service to others and making a meaningful contribution to the community, we set out to create our little ice cream venture lovingly adopting one idea at a time.  Working from what seemed to be the best next step, we built our shop with charming appeal, chose a well-crafted and locally made ice cream while being ushered to a great location.

 Keeping service in the forefront, as well as listening to the feedback from our patrons, we find joy in serving fine ice creams and drinks.  e.b.’s Ice Cream Shop is honoured in helping you create memories for you and your family.

We love to get to know our customers!

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